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Burke_PortraitwithHandJeffrey J. Burke is an accomplished artist that works in multiple mediums, currently living in Brooklyn, NY and can be contacted at:  jeffreyjburke@gmail.com

Artist Statement:

“My objective is to create artwork that is visually pleasing and admired in its environment. My artwork is a reflection of me as a person and my experiences in life. What I love about art is the fact that it can be political, humorous, historical, or just beautiful.  I believe that the transformation of an idea, thought, or emotion into a visual expression is extremely rewarding, even therapeutic.  Another aspect that I appreciate about art is that it evokes thought, conversation, and sometimes debate. Most of all, I love that art as a whole, is open for interpretation. For this reason I  prefer my artwork to speak for itself. On the topic of artists talking or writing about their work, Matisse observed, “The artist puts the best of himself into his pictures; what the artist says does not really matter much.”

You can also visit Jeff’s Facebook Fan Page for a slide show, snapshots of works in progress, thoughts about his work, event information and the latest news & articles.