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Upcoming Show at Richard Lohr Studio Nov, 7 2014


I am displaying recent paintings made while viewing live models.  This will be a special one evening show focusing on the human form from 4 artist’s perspectives.

Marie Griffin, Stephen Negrycz, Richard Lohr, Jeff Burke

Friday, November 7, 2014 Richard Lohr Studio

6 to 9 p.m. Gramercy please RSVP to jeffreyjburke@gmail.com for details.

“I use the human figure as subject matter because it contains all of the integral elements that are required to create a work of art.
Often I look past the literal and academic aspects of working from a model and focus on a specific area of the body, looking for a rhythm or landscape within the shapes.
Each model inspires me differently, whether it is thru their individual anatomy, postures, or the artistic energy that they bring to a session.
Success is when I capture the essence of the moment on paper, solidifying that inspiration forever.”
~Jeff Burke

Destination Moon Time Lapse Video

Last Saturday I participated in a multi-media event hosted by Destination Moon at the vast 8000 sq/ft LightSpace Studios. People who attended danced to live music from 3 different bands and a DJ, engaged with sculpture, projection mapping, and 2-D paintings curated by OXHEART.

I was thrilled to display some of my large scale sumi ink paintings, in an amazingly appropriate setting. It is a rare occasion when my large scale works get to be seen in an environment where they can be appreciated from a far distance as well as up close.

“Bits & Beans” 72 x 108″ complimented the white leather couch that it hung above and interacted well with “Womb” a hanging sculpture by Andrea Garcia.

“The Crew of the Fallen Crown” 4 x 13′ is my visual interpretation of the novel “Diary” by Chuck Palahniuk. This painting on Arches watercolor paper hung 25′ high on a Cyclorama wall, a self propelled scissor lift was used to install this painting.

“Beans & Breasts” 100 x 72″ hung vertically below “The Crew of the Fallen Crown” and was a popular photographic backdrop for attendies and participants alike. In fact, the band EMEFE began there set in front of this painting and played the better part of there opening song in front of it before marching onto the music stage.

The event was also the debut of my new limited edition serigraphs “Derriere, Pink” and “Derriere, Black” they measure 14 x 14″ and sell for $50 each unframed. I displayed my previous set of Serigraphs: “Face” & “Breast” alongside the new “Derriere” set.

I spent the better part of the evening painting live on a 5 x 6′ piece of paper I taped to the floor. I enjoy and have always been inspired by music. I like to make brush marks to the beats and rhythms of music. I let the music lead me in what I consider a Stream of Consciousness style of painting. The subject matter varies from parts of the human body, to land and city-scapes, mixed with a reoccurring theme of coffee beans. The 3 bands had very different sounds and energy which I think is very evident in the painting that I made. People seem to enjoy watching the creative process and I like the immediate feedback I get while performing a live painting. I was pleased with the results however the painting will need more work before I can consider it a finished painting.

Destination Moon! Saturday, March 1

I would like to invite all of you to my upcoming show – Destination Moon! A night of music & art to rock all of your senses. Dance your little heart out to the afro-beat grooves of EMEFE, the badass rockin’ vibe of THE SKINS, the soulful swooning of AABARAKI plus more to be announced. Engage with sculpture, performance, projection mapping and more, curated by OXHEART. Come play and create in the expansive dreamscape of Lightspace studios.

Have a blast raising funds for Destination Moon’s solar-powered music & arts summer festival with beer lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery. $10 pre-sale/$15 at the door and you can pick up tickets at: destinationmoonatlightspace.eventbrite.com

Hope to see you there as I will be painting live at the show! Come check it out!DM-Flyer2


QAS: Solo exhibition at Webster Hall

I am very happy to announce my upcoming show at Webster Hall with many thanks to QAS and Jenny Mushkin. I am proud to be a part of an organization who stands by their mission statement “The Q.A.S seeks to showcase art, fashion and music in a vibrant and unassuming manner so that the art form is not held to the traditional pedestals of the “white-cube” gallery, sleek runway, classic stage and the like. Rather, the prospective spectator may witness the creations as an organic part of a communal environment – where not one thing is set apart from another – and where art may fuse with everyday life.”

I look forward to seeing everyone there and be sure to check in through Facebook when you can!jeffery_burke

Solo exhibition at Waterfront Wines & Spirits


“Brooklyn Artifacts” features found objects from the neighborhoods surrounding Brooklyn Bridge Park. Discarded useless objects from past developments become relics of history when encapsulated in a frame, enabling future generations to admire and embrace Brooklyn’s steel foundation, while living in a modern ever-developing mecca. Waterfront Wines & Spirits in Brooklyn.