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Upcoming Show at Richard Lohr Studio Nov, 7 2014


I am displaying recent paintings made while viewing live models. ¬†This will be a special one evening show focusing on the human form from 4 artist’s perspectives.

Marie Griffin, Stephen Negrycz, Richard Lohr, Jeff Burke

Friday, November 7, 2014 Richard Lohr Studio

6 to 9 p.m. Gramercy please RSVP to jeffreyjburke@gmail.com for details.

“I use the human figure as subject matter because it contains all of the integral elements that are required to create a work of art.
Often I look past the literal and academic aspects of working from a model and focus on a specific area of the body, looking for a rhythm or landscape within the shapes.
Each model inspires me differently, whether it is thru their individual anatomy, postures, or the artistic energy that they bring to a session.
Success is when I capture the essence of the moment on paper, solidifying that inspiration forever.”
~Jeff Burke